In 2010 Excelencia in Education launched the national initiative, Ensuring America’s Future by Increasing Latino College Completion and has worked to establish a baseline for informing, benchmarking and organizing stakeholders efforts to increase Latino college completion at the national and state levels.

In addition to the research below Excelencia provides an interactive national profile of Latinos and college completion with top five institutions enrolling and graduating Latinos nationally, and by state through, Latino College Completion: United States.

For the U.S. to regain the top ranking in the world for college degree attainment, Latinos will need to earn 5.5 million more degrees by 2020.


Reports Include: 


Helping or Hindering? State Policies & Latino College Completion

Analysis highlights state policy efforts that may help, hinder or need to be reexamined to close equity gaps in college completion for Latinos in three targeted states—California, Colorado, Texas. Supported by the Ford Foundation, analysis was conducted in collaboration with The Campaign for College Opportunity (CA), Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Colorado Coalition for the Educational Advancement of Latinos (CoCEAL) (CO), and Educate Texas (TX).


Latino College Completion: United States

For the U.S. to regain the top ranking in the world for college degree attainment, Latinos will need to earn 5.5 million more degrees by 2020. To reach the degree attainment goal by 2020, the U.S. can: 1) close the equity gap in college completion; 2) increase the number of degrees conferred; and, 3) scale up programs and initiatives that work for Latino and other students.


Latino College Completion in 50 States Executive Summary

To inform and support state-level, institutional and community actions to increase Latino college completion, Excelencia in Education released an executive summary and research-based fact sheets detailing the status of Latino college attainment in all 50 states and the country.


Roadmap for Ensuring America's Future

The Roadmap for Ensuring America's Future is a tool for stimulating and facilitating dialogue in communities across the nation about action needed to increase degree attainment generally, and Latino degree attainment specifically.


Federal Policy and Latino College Completion

Three policy areas- academic preparation, institutional capacity, and financial aid-were examined at the federal policy level that can support the achievement of Latino students entering and successfully completing a college degree. Collectively, federal policy in these areas impact higher education for all student, including Latinos; particularly in light of increasing college costs, decreasing financial resources, and articulated national goals of improved degree completion.



Benchmarking Latino College Completion to Meet National Goals: 2010 to 2020

This benchmarking guide provides a clear framework and public baseline for tracking our nation's college degree completion goal disaggregated by race/ethnicity. The framework includes two sets of metrics using existing data: 1) projections of degree completion needs, and 2) analysis of current equity gaps in degree completion. The guide also includes contextual information about Latinos in the educational pipeline and the equity gap between Latinos and whites in achievement by state.