On February 7, 2017, Excelencia in Education presented a webinar on their “Growing What Works” initiative that highlights effective examples of programs advancing Latino success in higher education. The Growing What Works database has more than 150 evidence-based programs to serve Latino students better. For the past 12 years, this initiative has displayed programs that are successful in helping Latino students. These examples are critical to the mission of Excelencia in Education “to accelerate Latino success in higher education.” For Excelencia, it is more than just increasing the enrollment of Latinos in postsecondary institutions; it is also about equity and inclusion, it is about action, and it is about serving Latino students in a way that leads them to succeed.

The goals of “Growing What Works” are about:  


  • Public policy - to see what is actually working
  • Funders and Foundations - to share what is replicable, what is scalable, and what is sustainable; they want to find successful programs. 
  • Building a national network – to connect those interested Latino student success