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The graduate programs in the Department of Bilingual Education (DBE) at Boise State University aim to shape leaders in both classroom instruction and advocacy for the linguistically and culturally diverse children of this region and the world. They promote pedagogical innovations to benefit the academic development of all learners, regardless of race, class, gender, age, or special needs.


These graduate programs are designed to prepare educators for the global community. The department’s graduate programs support the university’s main goal, which is to educate citizens for the culturally pluralistic, technological, global society of the 21st century.


The Department of Bilingual Education at Boise State University is relatively young. It wasn’t until 2004 when it became a Department after being part of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies. As of 2013, our program serves 27 students (3 Latino). Last academic year 27 students graduated (11 Latino).


This program was recognized as an Honorable Mention for making innovative and/or significant improvement in increasing Latino student success.

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