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GANAS is the first program within the CSU system to develop an academic and student success program that targets and serves Latino/a transfer students in a culturally responsive way. The GANAS program was implemented in 2013 as an innovative initiative that focuses on encouraging transfer students to participate in a one-year cohort-based learning community that is paired with a success seminar, intrusive academic counseling, and mentoring. By completing the required GANAS courses, students fulfill their upper division GE requirements. The GE courses focus on themes related to Latino/a identity and are taught by Latino/a professors using innovative pedagogy. The first cohort was composed of 33 students from 23 different community colleges within California.


The mission of the GANAS (Gaining Access ‘N Academic Success) Program is to increase the number of educationally underserved students who graduate with baccalaureate degrees or higher. The GANAS Program aims to help transfer students: 1) Make a smooth transition from a two-year college to a four-year university; 2) Develop a network of support; 3) Succeed academically; and 4) Reduce time to degree completion.


·       From fall quarter to winter quarter, GANAS students persisted at a rate of 97% compared to 91% of all Latino/a transfer students.

·       From winter quarter to spring quarter, 97% of GANAS students persisted, compared to 90% of all Latino/a transfer students.

·       Winter quarter 2014, 24 of 32 GANAS students had a GPA of 3.0 or higher and 3 students had GPAs above 3.75.

·       The average Spring 2014 GPA for the GANAS cohort is 3.26 – a fifth (.20 points) higher than the average for all transfer populations, and a quarter (.25 points) higher than the average for all Latinos/as at CSUEB.

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First Year Support, Learning Community