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TAP, a cohort program, provides free of charge, multi-year one-to-one academic advising, application assistance and academic enrichment to prepare program participants to become competitive transfer applicants.  Participants receive customized design and monitoring of individual academic course plans, guidance in choosing the major into which they will transfer, assistance with transfer applications, required personal essays, financial aid forms and scholarship applications, and opportunities to conduct research under the mentorship of Berkeley faculty or take Berkeley classes.


The mission of the UC Berkeley’s TAP is to increase the number of low-income and educationally disadvantaged community college students in California that are competitive transfer applicants to UC Berkeley and other highly selective colleges.


Since its establishment in 1999, TAP has served over 4,200 students.  It currently serves 1,000 students who are studying at 31 community colleges in California.  TAP serves 400 Latino students each year.  31% of all Latino California community college students who transfer to Berkeley are alumni of the Transfer Alliance Project.  Each year, more than 85% of Latino TAP students are admitted to Berkeley and more than 80% enroll.  In 2010 for example, 82 (88%) were admitted and 67 (82%) enrolled.  From 2004 to 2010, TAP assisted 419 Latino community college students in applying for transfer admission to UC Berkeley.  Of these, 361 (86%) were admitted, a rate of admission that was more than three times the admit rate of overall transfer applicants.  100% of the Latino TAP students who applied to Berkeley were admitted to at least one University of California campus.  Of the 361 Latino TAP students who were admitted to Berkeley, 322 (89%) chose to enroll.  Many were first-generation college going students.  Those who did not enroll attended colleges including Stanford and UCLA.  The TAP Latino admit and enroll rate greatly exceeded the 26% admit rate and 62% enroll rate of overall Latino California community college transfer applicants to Berkeley.