Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Inc.
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Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Inc.
2817 Hikes Lane
Louisville, KY 40218
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Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Inc. was founded in 2005 with the goal of inspiring Hispanic students to work toward successful futures from a young age. In the decade before the program began, Louisville saw a 122% growth in its Hispanic population, but the city’s resources for Hispanic students were not increasing at the same pace. Adelante started offering twice-monthly “Mentoring & Enrichment” workshops for 25 middle school students. Today, Adelante serves serve 145 students across seven programs each week. 100% of student participants are Hispanic/Latino, first-generation-to-college immigrant and refugee youth, age 11-18, and attend middle and high schools in Louisville. Adelante's model includes intensive individual and group instruction, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring, career exposure, and community service opportunities.


Adelante’s mission is to inspire and empower Hispanic youth and their families to become self-sufficient, successful individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams and contribute as creative, educated world citizens.

Students will:

1. Become high academic achievers, and maintain excellent grades, GPAs, and school attendance;

2. Graduate from high school college-ready and prepared for post-secondary success;

3. Develop leadership skills and civic responsibility they can carry into their futures; and

4. Gain a deeper grasp of their own and others’ cultures so they can understand their situations in a broader human context.

Adelante will:

5. Build a culture of education and success within Louisville’s growing Latino population




In 11 years of operation, Adelante has served over 600 "at-risk" students.

  • Adelante serves 145 students each week during the school year across 4 programs.
  • Students and parents commit to the program. Two-thirds of families continue in Adelante for three or more years.
  • Adelante students excel with an average GPA of 3.19, and an overall school attendance rate of 96%!
  • Achievers who continue in Adelante for 3+ years perform even better with an average 3.39 GPA.

Hispanic students in Jefferson County, KY have the lowest high school graduation rates at and second lowest bachelor’s degree attainment rates.

  • 100% of Adelante’s students graduate high school and are attending their college of choice with academic scholarships.
  • 60% of the county's Latino students not served by the program attend a two-year university, while 86% of Adelante graduates have enrolled in a four-year university.

Adelante has 21 high school graduates who were in the program since middle school. Of those students, two have graduated from college, and the rest are currently enrolled.

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